The Mission

I am a fierce handgun competitor, a 2nd amendment defender, a student of self defense, and shameless promoter of the shooting sports.

I have been trained by Mike Seeklander, JJ Rakaza, and one of the elite firearms training institutions in America – Tactical Performance Center. TPC was cofounder by the late great Ron Avery. Rossen Hristov is currently the Director of Training. TCP teaches handgun shooting from a scientific approach. Please visit their website at www.tacticalperformancecenter.com.

Here’s what Myles of tacticalhyve.com has to say about Rossen Hristov and TPC: “After almost two years, I’ve now trained with 88 different instructors, many of them recognized names that you know.

People ask me all the time, who’s the best instructor I’ve trained with, or what’s the best class I’ve taken.

It’s difficult for me to answer that question because it depends on what kind of class one is interested in…

Are we talking about the best class for beginners, intermediate, or advanced shooters? Are we talking about shooting, tactics, or both?

I just never attended a class that I felt was truly great for every shooter…

Well, that was until June of 2020 when I attended Tactical Performance Center’s Handgun Mastery Class.

One of Tactical Hyve’s Subject Matter Experts, Navy SEAL Fred Ruiz, recommended I take their class and train with Rossen, Tactical Performance Center’s Director of Training.

To say I was impressed with the class and their system is an understatement.

Their Handgun Mastery 1 class, is without a doubt, the best overall pistol marksmanship class I’ve taken.

It is truly a class for everyone, from beginners to grandmaster pistol shooters, they will all get something out of it. Even other firearms instructors leave with a ton of value from the class.”

My passion is to share what I know and what I’ve learn with other people to help you become more confident and proficient with you firearms. Fast and Accurate is the goal.

Training with Mike Seeklander
Training with JJ Rakaza